They’re Smiling Like a Butcher’s Dog

Mike Lange, the Pittsburgh Penguins’ play-by-play broadcaster, couldn’t have said it better.

Congratulations to the Pittsburgh Penguins on their amazing fourth Stanley Cup!

The Penguins captured the win after defeating the San Jose Sharks 3-1 in Game 6.

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Save Your Energy – Pittsburgh Tops the List Again

The Pittsburgh 2030 District has something to brag about. This initiative, created by the Green Building Alliance, aims to cut energy, water and transportation-related emissions by the year 2030. Pittsburgh has 438 participating buildings, at a total of 68.2 million square feet. The Steel City joined the challenge in 2012 and makes up the largest 2030 District of 12 participating cities in the country.

Pittsburgh’s 2030 buildings reduced energy use by 12.5 percent, water use by 10.3 percent, and transportation emissions by 24.2 percent. The latter exceeds the 2020 goal of 20 percent.

Accordingly, the city is on track to hit each five-year marker.

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Pittsburgh International Airport Flights – Where Do You Want to Go?

Starting August 7, 2016, Southwest Airlines will begin offering a direct flight from Pittsburgh International Airport to Los Angeles International Airport. Currently, American Airlines offers a 6 a.m. flight, but it is only available four times a week during the winter.

In addition to the L.A. destination, Southwest will start offering flights to St. Louis on March 10 and seasonal service to Palm Beach, Florida.

In the last 13 months, the airport added 21 new routes including OneJet offering service to Hartford, Connecticut and four other cities. In addition, Frontier Airlines will offer flights to Denver, Atlanta, Chicago, Las Vegas and Orlando, Florida starting in June.

So will you be flying the friendly skies soon to any of these new destinations? Click here to participate in our survey.

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Pittsburgh is One of the Top Tourist Locations

According to TripAdvisor, Pittsburgh is one of the top 10 tourist destinations in the United States.

The site highlights 295 places to visit and says, “Steel and coal may have built this city, and you’ll see the names ‘Mellon’ and ‘Carnegie’ on an awful lot of things, but Pittsburgh has come a long way from its gritty, industrial past.”

What other cities made the ranking? And, is the number one location a surprise? Read the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette blog post here.

Employee Audits – Do You Know the Best Practices?

The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette recently reported that employee wage and hour audits are on the rise. With the boom of shale companies entering the region earlier this decade, the pay practices of many businesses have been examined by Wage and Hour Division of the Department of Labor.

According to Dan Doherty, Assistant District Director at the Department of Labor’s Wage and Hour Division in Pittsburgh, “any industry patronized by oil and gas companies in the Marcellus and Utica shales” are under scrutiny.

The Post-Gazette reports, “Over the past three years, the department has investigated 395 companies in southwestern Pennsylvania and West Virginia, assessing more than $10 million in back wages, civil penalties and liquidated damages. Of that, it has collected more than $3 million.” And, “The number of firms audited by the Labor Department for such violations has gone up each year and is on pace to set a record high in 2015.”

What can companies do to try to be in compliance? Our Labor and Employment Practice Group has written several articles over the past few years that address all of these issues.

Carl Hellerstedt wrote two articles on how the Department of Labor’s Wage and Hour enforcement is focusing on shale employers. He provides a list of several things employers can do when facing an ongoing initiative. Click here and here to read the details.

Additionally, Pete Rich outlines what employers can do when faced with a “Fair Day’s Pay” initiative. Click here to read that article.

If you have any questions regarding a Department of Labor audit, or any labor and employment law question, please contact us.