Starting a Start-Up? Pittsburgh Could be the Right Fit

According to DataFox, Pittsburgh is an ideal location to launch a start-up.

Universities are catalysts needed as they provide intellectual capital and successful alumni with financial resources. Ideal cities are also centrally located.

Of course, Silicon Valley and New York City are hubs for start-ups, but Pittsburgh ranks number six out of the top 15. The top five include Cambridge, Massachusetts; Santa Monica, California; Fayetteville, Arkansas; Boulder, Colorado; and Wilmington, Delaware.

Click here to read the Pittsburgh Business Times‘ blog post and see the entire list and metrics.

Who is Number 2 in New College Ranking for Large Cities? has ranked Pittsburgh as one of the top 25 best “college towns” and number 2 for larger cities in the United States.

The rankings were based on financial or “wallet wellness,” “youth oriented environment,” and “opportunities.”

Other Pennsylvania cities included in the ranking were State College as number 2 in overall rankings and Philadelphia as number 222.

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