Foreign Investment Friendliness – PA Tops the List

The Pittsburgh Business Times recently reported that Pennsylvania has been recognized for its friendliness toward foreign investment.

According to the article, “A corporate organization promoting foreign investment has recognized Pennsylvania as an up-and-coming place for energy-intensive industries.

The recognition is from the Foreign Direct Investment Association, which named the state as its top Destination of the Future for Energy-Intensive Industries.

Second on the list was the Canadian province of Ontario, followed by the British city of Sheffield and the Swedish city of Ostersund, which were tied for third.

‘The second annual FDI Association Awards recognize the achievements of countries or regions that have made an effort to meet the needs of foreign investors,’ said Jason Hickey, president of Hickey & Associates LLC and a member of the panel that judged nominations, in a statement.

‘Companies are increasingly aware of energy costs and water shortages and their quest for sustainable solutions leads them to locations that have adapted their natural resources or local environment to meet these criteria,’ he said.

Click here to read the rest of the article.


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