Two New Updates for the Commonwealth

The NLRB Reissues Ambush Election Amendments to Union Election Procedures – February 6, 2014

Earlier this morning, the NLRB revived its proposed amendments to the representation election procedures that would dramatically cut down the time between a union representation petition and the actual union vote by employees. Read our latest alert on why this matters and what employers can do in preparation.


The Shale Play Today – January 2014

The latest issue of The Shale Play Today is out. This issue discusses the Pennsylvania Supreme Court striking down key provisions of Act 13, shale deals responsible for $1.14 billion and more. Read it now.


One thought on “Two New Updates for the Commonwealth

  1. I think may labor and employment lawyers and professionals expected the NLRB to reissue the June 2011 proposed amendments to union election procedures. The same rule changes were previously struck down by a federal district court on the grounds that they had been adopted by an NLRB board without a valid quorum of the Board. It is a formality that the NLRB would re-issue these changes to the labor laws but it can not hardly be considered an “ambush”.

    Last year, unions represented 11.3% of U.S. workers, down from about 20% in 1983. The decline of union representation has been blamed in part on voting delays tallow employers to intimidate workers from supporting the union; some see the expedited election rule are designed to decreases the ability of business to intimidate workers from voting to unionize.

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